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Q: Can Zed produce any design and size in any metal?

A: Yes, in most cases
Minimum quantities may apply in some cases

Q: Are Zed products made of pure and solid metal?

A: Yes, we use the highest quality copper, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, pewter and other metals
All our products are solid metal, which makes them very durable and suitable for a wide variety of uses

Q: Can Zed tiles be used around cooking ranges and fireplaces?

A: Yes, the fact that the products are solid, they don't bend, warp and pop off walls like some metal clad products

Q: Can Zed tiles be used in bathrooms and powder rooms?

A: We recommend stainless steel for wet-area applications
Bronze and copper can be used in areas where they don't come in direct contact with water as they may start to patina

Q: Can a finish be sealed?

A: Yes, either with a clear lacquer or a baked-on clear coat, the finish on procucts can be sealed

Q: Can Zed products be used outdoors?

A: Yes, in many cases, but it depends on the specific product

Q: Can Zed products be used on the floor?

A: Metals that don't naturally age, such as stainless steel, would be the best choice for floor applications
Metals such as copper and bronze can be used in areas that don't come in contact with shoes so they retain their finish
However, if the object is to make the metal look aged, then use of these metals on the floor would be fine

Q: Can copper be used on the floor?

A: Copper is a soft metal and would wear down in high-traffic areas

Q: Why should I use pure metal products when there are substantially less expensive metal look-alikes?

A: The finish on the metal look-alikes may start to wear and look dingy as the years go by, while a pure metal product will naturally age and become even more beautiful with time

Q: How can we cut metal tiles on site?

A:We recommend that you have us custom make your end pieces, howver, if you absolutely have to cut a metal tile, use a band saw
Any type of on-site cutting will most likely damage the clear coat

Q: How do we install metal tiles?

A: Metal tiles can be installed just like regular tiles
We recommend the use of mastic, or a fast-setting construction adhesive
Non-sanded grout is recommended so as to not scratch the tile surface or destry the clear coat

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